Automated Response Scenarios 

Through our cutting-edge technology, we have developed predefined response scenarios that address various emergency situations, including fires and medical emergencies. Once an emergency is reported, our system seamlessly executes the corresponding response plan, ensuring a rapid and coordinated reaction. Our automated response scenarios offer the following key functionalities: 

Evacuation Announcements

The system automatically broadcasts evacuation announcements, directing workers to safe exit routes and assembly points, ensuring a swift and organized evacuation process.

Roll-Call Initiation

Instantly initiating a roll-call, our system assists in accounting for all personnel on-site, providing crucial information regarding who is present and who may require assistance.

Emergency Reporting

Our system automatically places a call to emergency services, such as 911, providing them with accurate and timely information about the incident to facilitate a prompt response.

Incident Recording and Evidence Preservation

In conjunction with the surveillance system, our emergency response service ensures that incidents are recorded in real-time, capturing valuable evidence for subsequent analysis and investigation.


Role-Based Instructions via Text

Leveraging pre-determined roles and contact information, our system sends customized text messages to individuals, instructing them on their specific responsibilities during the emergency. For instance, visitors are guided to evacuate safely, while foremen may be instructed to await emergency apparatus/ambulance at designated entry points. 

Enhanced Emergency Reporting and Activation 

At Aventyr, we understand the critical importance of effective emergency response protocols at construction sites. Our comprehensive emergency response services utilize state-of-the-art jobsite surveillance systems, featuring multi-color LED Strobe lights, sirens and PA systems, to ensure the highest level of safety and security. With our advanced technology and automated response capabilities, we empower construction sites to manage emergencies swiftly and efficiently. 

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