Temporary and Mobile Monitoring Units 

At Aventyr, we recognize the need for flexible and adaptable security solutions that can be deployed quickly and effectively in various environments. Our Temporary and Mobile Monitoring Units offer portable security with advanced features to ensure comprehensive protection, even in remote or challenging locations. With our cutting-edge mobile security trailer, equipped with a fuel-cell backup power source, towing capability, Starlink connectivity, and versatile functionality, your security needs are met wherever you go. 


Silent and Reliable Operation with Fuel-Cell Backup Power Source 

Our mobile security trailer is designed to provide uninterrupted security even in areas without access to traditional power sources or sunlight. Equipped with a fuel-cell backup power source, the trailer ensures silent operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Regardless of the time of day or availability of sunlight, you can rely on our mobile unit to maintain continuous surveillance and monitoring. 

Portability and Towing Capability 

Our mobile security trailer is designed for easy transport and quick deployment. It can be effortlessly towed by an SUV or similar vehicle, allowing you to set up a secure perimeter wherever you need it. Whether it’s a construction site, event venue, or remote location, our portable solution provides the flexibility to adapt to your security requirements on the go. 

Starlink Connectivity for Reliable Communication 

To ensure seamless connectivity and real-time monitoring, our mobile security trailer features Starlink connectivity. This satellite-based system offers reliable and high-speed internet access, enabling continuous communication with our central monitoring station and facilitating instant response to any security incidents or emergencies. 

Muster-Point Functionality and Essential Amenities 

Our mobile security trailer serves as a versatile muster point, providing essential facilities to enhance safety and security. It is equipped with an access card reader for controlled entry, a Level 2 first-aid kit station for immediate medical assistance, an intercom system for convenient communication, and a light plant to ensure visibility during nighttime operations. These amenities contribute to a comprehensive security solution that addresses multiple needs in a single unit. 

Camera Analytics

How It Works

At Aventyr, we prioritize your security and understand the importance of adaptability and mobility. Our Temporary and Mobile Monitoring Units offer the ideal solution for temporary or remote locations, ensuring continuous surveillance, reliable communication, and essential amenities for a comprehensive security setup. 

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