Advanced Analytics and Access Control Integration 

With “We Watch Your Cameras,” we go beyond conventional security measures. By applying advanced analytics to your camera feeds, we detect and respond to potential security incidents more effectively than a single security guard ever could. We also integrate access control systems, allowing for seamless management of authorized personnel and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. 

Continuous Monitoring and Improved Security 

Our service ensures round-the-clock monitoring and protection for your premises. Unlike a security guard who can only be present for limited hours, we provide continuous surveillance, identifying threats and anomalies at any time. Our monitoring agents are trained to interpret camera footage and proactively respond to potential security breaches, ensuring enhanced safety and security. 

Optimizing Existing Investments 

Bringing your cameras into the cloud allows you to make full use of your existing security infrastructure investments. We leverage the power of cloud-based surveillance solutions to manage and optimize your cameras remotely. This means that we take care of upgrading hardware as needed, ensuring your system stays up-to-date and fully operational without any hassle on your end. 

Superior Security

Our advanced analytics and access control integration provide superior security outcomes compared to traditional security guard services.

Continuous Monitoring

Enjoy round-the-clock surveillance and threat detection, ensuring your premises are protected at all times, even when a physical guard is not present.

Enhanced Threat Detection 

By applying advanced analytics to camera feeds, we can identify potential security incidents promptly and respond proactively, minimizing risks and potential losses.

Virtual Guard Services

Comprehensive Monitoring and Response 

In addition to the advanced camera system, our Solar Powered Units are complemented by our virtual guard services. Our dedicated monitoring agents provide round-the-clock vigilance, ensuring continuous surveillance and swift response to security events. The virtual guard handles alarm verification, guides responding officers, and takes proactive measures to secure your site, preventing potential losses and mitigating risks.

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